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Hydraulic Services
Sewer and Trade Waste Drainage/ Sanitary Fixtures
• Provision of sewer and trade waste drainage systems including connection to councils main
• Installation of complex sewer pumping stations
• Installation of Sewer Rising Mains
• Provision of the latest sanitary fixtures including electronically controlled products
Fire Services Supply and installation of extensive Fire Fighting Services including:
• Fire Hydrants • Fire Hose Reels • Complex Fire Pump Stations and Fire Booster Pump Sets
• Fire Sprinkler Systems
Hot and Cold Water Installation of:
• Hot and Cold Water supply and reticulation systems, using latest products & methodology
• Complex Hot Water Systems in Gas, Electric and Solar. Installation of related pumping systems
• All facets of Tapware, Showers etc including complying disabled facilities
• Electronically controlled facilities, Specialising in Enware Commercial Products
• Thermostatic Mixing Valves to control temperature in medical facilities
• Reduced Pressure Zone devices

Metal Roofing
Supply and installation of:
All aspects of Metal Roofing and related products.
• Polycarb Roofing • Bonded Blanket and “Batt” insulation • Skylights

Pipe Camera
The equipment enables us to inspect pipes from 40mm up to 600mm to assess damage and analyse and pinpoint blockages. We have the capability to camera lines up to 60 metres in length and to provide Video footage of the results together with a written report of our assessment.

Civil Works
The company operates several Excavators ranging from 23 Tonne to 4Tonne as well as a new John
Deere Backhoe and Tip Truck. Specialising in detailed excavation and large Civil Works including Sewer and Stormwater Drainage to major construction including council mains.
Installation of pits and pumping stations.

We provide a maintenance service to commercial and domestic clients.
Our service includes:
• Clearance of sewer and stormwater blockages
• Repair water leaks
• Repair and replace Hot Water Systems
• Repair or replace Taps, Showers, Toilets and Cisterns
• Service of Thermostatic Mixing Valves and Reduced Pressure Zone Devices.
• Metal Roof repair and replacement

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